hi. let's talk about us for a minute: we are a self-aggrandizing consortium of geniuses, drunks, semanticists, morons, pedants, narcissists, poets, philosophers, poetasters, idiots, boozehounds, wiseacres, scoundrels, dilettantes, duffers, skirtchasers, ne'er-do-wells, mavericks & friends living thriving striving conniving & surviving in Japan.*

Chapter The First

New Visitors: Welcome! This site japandemic functions like a book; the landing page is Chapter 1, page 2 is Chapter 2, and so on.  If you are new to the site, you can just start at the beginning and keep hitting the "Next" button at the bottom of the pages until you've had enough.

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* authors of: White Rike Me  and The Gentleman's Guide to Gooder Grammar


A note on the content:

nothing reported here is made up.

regardless of phrasing, not all the things reported necessarily = me, the guy typing on the keypad.  

this is a chronicle of the life here.  much of this is about people cooler, younger, happier, more together, wasted, lost, interesting, misguided, broken, etc., than myself.  

this site is also a good place to find the occasional stereotype & archetype.

opinions & comments: some are uniquely mine, others the strong opinions of people I know or knew, others the prevailing sentiment of foreigners here in general. am doing things right, it should be impossible to tell which is which.
lest we forget: names of the guilty have been changed; innocence is its own protection.

note:  some have remarked that the text passages on the site are so remarkably...short.  I know, it makes Raymond Carver look like Homer...and that's part because I don't have much to say, part because you're already getting 1000 words with each picture but mostly because I'm typing it furiously on a cell phone in trains, and then my thumb explodes.

at  our mailbox  all comments, suggestions, criticisms, love & adulation welcomed graciously...angry, festering, self-loathing hate mail & threats also welcome, but less so.

Let's Happy!!!

peace outtie