things americans would steal: a list of things I have seen unlocked, unguarded and of value just plain lying out in japan.

for example: lumber. with one loose length of chain half-assed across the front as a symbol that it is another person's property... and that is enough.

many a louis vuitton bag left on a stool at Starbucks while the girl dashes off to the potty or the register to buy a coffee.

stacks of tires and rims alongside some guy's house.

alloy rims off a slow-moving van, way tricked out.    

entire stock of the florist's shop, left out overnight, every night, covered only in a fishing net to keep the birds from eating it.



you can see this stack of beer guarded only by a piece of rope.  this picture is tilted becasue I had such the adrtenaline rush seeing this I fluttered while I snapped this shot on my cell phone while pedaling late to class. each one of those lovely slender cylinders is 633ml (about 22 oz!) of delicious kirin lager...packed 12 to a crate x 7 high x 3 across x 2 deep = you do the math.


maybe her bag?  worth a shot, right?


MORE PHOTO documentation coming soon!