...all the way down to the station.

Rock up your daughters!

After morning lessons at a private high school, cracking tallboys (500m / 16oz equivalent) at the crack of noon. The work pays well and we are done for the day. We buy the first round at a small liquor store down from the school, and have a friendly chat with the owner in (more or less) Japanese. We share camaraderie of all having taught well and enjoying the stroll through the nice neighborhoods that lead down to the station...and continue there, not disturbing anyone, just relaxing.  Like a private picnic, only in public.


Pinking in Drublic...a continuing saga

It's winter, so it's cold.  I put my drinking glove on my right hand grab the bottle and pick my way towards the station using side streets.  Today I will let Fate & Destiny unmei ^ have their way with me; I will Walk the Lights, as I call it.  When I get to an intersection that has a light, I will cross whichever way is green, and follow that street in the general direction of a station. This will continue until I arrive at the station, or a store selling beer until I get to a station.


We drink every day. Sometimes with others and sometimes alone.

Everyone we know drinks everyday...3, 5, 8, 10, 12 drinks a day.  Mainly beer and canned cocktails.  Sometimes we drink with girlfriends and wives, sometimes at home alone.  We drink alongside the river, in the fields, on the street,  going home after lessons, getting to the river, in parks and trains. 

surrounded by all my friends who aren't drinkers...