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wild  sexy  fun  japan Lived on the Inside.  Seen from the Outside.  

From the Land that pioneered urban isolation with the SONY Walkman® cassette player all those years ago...a couple folks engage their respective machines at dusk, on the platform of a rural train station about half an hour from Kyoto (as the crane flies).

My sense is that apart from pinks shirts, dark jeans, white shoes, hanging bags and the left-weighted, quasi-akimbo posture...these 2 might have things in common. But they'll probably never know.

a cry for help

you can smell the sweat and taste the angst in the manic scrawling of this study sheet found in the English classroom at a university in Kyoto.

These are the shoes the girl in the above shot was wearing. Just so happened that she followed me onto the train & into my car.  Of all the gin joints in all the world...

trains running late today, so I had to drive to work.


Butt of course you can not enter our Preasure Parace!

Gomen ne! Gambatte!!!

Ahh...what are you going do? Every group has to set rules. I'm sure there are Westchester Country Clubs I can't get into either.

but it still hurts...

...which continues onto the back.  

This paper was folded into 64ths and wedged under a desk leg to keep it from wobbling, before I rescued it (the paper, not the desk).

a couple young blonded chicks making no friends with the older set...eating cheeseburgers whilst sitting on the train platform

what to do?...

"ahh F him! we're young & we're cute. hah!"





batter up! for beers & smokes, in case you forgot your addictions while inside the store earlier.

a little point-of-purchase at SEIYU


"I fucking just want to fucking write something". --D.K.*

...a late 30s Lecturer / Associate Prof of English at a Kyoto area University, engaging a crisis of career & spirit, just about the time he imploded and went back to Canada. 

*not necessarily his real initials




you won't find me working 9 to 5, there's too much fun in being alive. --Cook, Jones, Matlock, Rotten


that's all anybody's looking for, really...just a little J-honey.


cute kawaii!!! mini-cans of Asahi Super Dry, (that's Japanese for Bud). think I'll take a crate.


just a colorful girl sleeping on the train


exploding fireworks, as captured by the onboard lens of the vodafone  Toshiba 705T.


mother & son in traditional summer clothing, enjoying each other's company. Kyoto.

We have met the enemy and he is us...

How have we crafted a world in which we need that sort of notice on a bag of food?

(Kettle® Chips, now available at SEIYU & foreign food emporia throughout Japan.)

The Men of JR...get you there with time to spare.

2010 Calendar...coming soon!

These guys run a pretty tight ship, must say.

that's right...Bud.


Untitled (Japanese Still Life with Budweiser)   2009

Dimensions variable.

beautiful free greeting cards & ecards at sparkledusted


will you please be quiet, please?


See if you can Spot The Russian in the photo to the right.

(...my but there are a lot of females on the platform today.)


ahh...rice soap.


and so it goes...



fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou ne!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 



I had barely gotten the car twisting along La Cienega towards Sunset, my artery into the miasma of fuckup known as Hollywood, and had already begun to ache to be someplace different. 

I dreaded the return to Los Angeles. We just flew over Compton & Inglewood & 10 lanes of Freeway, looking down on the cars I'd soon have to jostle with on the crawl home...and my heart got thick.



 Later, after I had been in Japan only a short time, I looked up at a plane heading out to between the clouds, and for the first time in my life did not want to be on it, going somewhere else, somewhere I wasn't. That's when I knew that here I would stay. 





peace out!

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