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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


On a clear day...

...you can see wires fcking everywhere.

Making me nostalgic for memories I don't even have... 

+  Regularly-scheduled programming starts here.  +

In a moment of High Art-Faggery, I photo-documented my walk along the Kamogawa from school to the station. It was all-in-all very nice. Won't you join us & see what's what...

We begin at the beginning. A recently refurbished park area behind the Furitsu Idai (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine). 

Weather was cooperative...a lovely fall day.

This guy is happy because he found one of the few public trash cans in all Japan, and no longer has to haul his sack of dog mess everywhere.

For those about to rock...an aspiring drummer practices.


Natura Urbanus: the contented homeless of the Kamogawa river, living admirably under her bridges. Here they are drinking chu-hi highballs & Asahi beer from cans, then flattening them: use, recycle, reuse. 

The big white wader in the left foreground is a snowy egret, just behind some kind of a pintail duck. A large flock of white water birds is visible in upper left of frame, at base of the river's green & grassy east bank. 

(One point Japanese lesson: 'Kamo' in Kamogawa translates to 'duck'...I present Kyoto's liquid lifeline: The Duck River.)

a Under the bridge, a homeless gentleman tends to drying his harvest.

(The season, tawny color and fetid stench, describes a bounty of ginkgo nuts gleaned from under the many nearby trees.)

A plein-air painter.

There are many universities in and around Kyoto, so one sees many students practicing their art & craft, life & love along the river.

Gone Fishin'.  

Family fun for father & sons.

(...could be a victim of corporate restructuring, what with having a few minutes to himself on a Monday afternoon.)

 PETA activists note: crayfish in the blue tank, boy baiting his harpoon...not clear what contra naturum violence the mom contemplates w/ her fists of fury there.


another family tormenting assorted wildlife.

a couple a white chicks sitting around biking...


Leaning-in couple.  Awww...

I'm not going to lie, it hurts a bit to be walking alone when you chance upon this sort of magic.

lack the necessary coding skill to delete this fcking useless blue box here.  

happy strolling couple...with time on their side, good days ahead and the wind at their backs...

picture time!

1.  waiting while her friend onshore sets the self-timer.

2.  the pose (slightly out of synch, but who cares, these are the days that dreams are made of)

incline couple.  these 2 were up to some kind of monkey bizness, and they shifted positions pronto... (noticed Rothario's right hand come popping out quick fast in a hurry).

It's hard to tell in this shot, but they are actually under the edge of a bridge, and one could convince oneself (and more on point, one's girlfriend) that this spot is secluded and private, in the deceptive way that it can feel, say, being in a car.

(but as the comedian advised people who pick their nose while driving: remember you are in a car, not invisible.)

3.  Got it! Let's go shop and eat cakey setto.


new spot, new vibe, new hoodie. same love.

the approach shot...

the pass-by.  you can't stop the music.

fck but I hope they're not a couple. 

 (though it's possible; I've seen more egregious pairings in this country, I'll tell you that.)


"hey, I think that white guy's taking a picture of that other guy's ass." 

'Twas on this day that the crew was on the scene, getting the shot, making the magic.


a jogger ... a blogger ... sipping on a lager.

 Kirin lager in new retro / period can



some college girls have an impromptu race riverside


ohh...false start



college girl by day / waitress by night

girls and boys...

Evening descends upon the Kamogawa River. 5 storeys of fun (and that's just what's in the frame). A remarkable show of self-organizing systems, Kamogawa Kouples are visible paired and placed in foreground. Until various and sundry hours couples will dot the entire river bank, each at intervals of 2 tatami mats end to end. (As they drink and linger longer, suspicious body positions, hand placement and activity may be noted.)

Have fun...and be good to each other!

Good Night.

Epilogue and End Credits...


Actually, just a helpful JR infographic telling Peko-chan not to get her blown off bonnet way down on them tracks all by herself.

(Note:  JR staff really, truly are quite helpful in real life.)

Walk a mile in my eyes....

Rainy Kyoto through the umbrella

Perhaps this is what tan puffycoat there looks like in her under garments...



Attention: MacArthur "Genius Grant" Selection Committee.

(please note this letter that popped in the box a few days ago):

That is One Crazy Site You've Got There!

Hey Honcho,
I just ran across your site and was really impressed!
...not local ass 'nuff said. actually made me fall out of my chair!
You are a genius I think!


Thank you for the kind words.  I have been called some things in my day, genius is not one of them.  This is not a mantle that I wear lightly.  Gambarimasu!

More wires on high, courtesy of the need for Wii.



It ain't where you from, 

It's where you at. 


half-price!! first drink!

elegant women in kimono, crossing Shijo Bridge


fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  doumo arigatou!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 



mini-cans!  Kawaii!!!

(No, I'm not a spack-fisted ape; the cans really are that small.  And that cute.)

Hmmm...now what?

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