and various drinking out in the いなか inaka...
the japanese countryside, as it is.

a full moon, a bottle of beer and thee. 633ml Kirin Classic Lager, what the men drink. about 50 meters (48.7 yards) from the polluted shores of Lake Biwa

a 500ml tall boy of Kirin Ichiban Shibori 一番搾り alongside a well tended rice field.             yeah, cans suck. but not as much as sobriety.

another can another field. in the country, good brew in bottles is hard to find outside the 3 km zone of civilization encircling the train stations.

a kirin classic lager 633ml 大ビン dai bin (big bottle) hoisted high like the jolly roger. the building across the river is a factory for one of the major electronics manufacturers, but I forget which one...if any readers know please send me an email. thanks.


ahh...good night.


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