love mail!

Here is some actual reader mail that we love! Nothing is made up; some letters have been edited; only first names of the sender will be posted.

You are in pale yellow; we are in black.

I don't know; this may become a forum and save myself all the copy & pasting and color-coding. But for now you can mail us here.

Vox Populi....The People Have Spoken...Your Letters:

I rabu Japandemic =3

Heya, Mimi desu~

I'm just another Japandemic stalker here to reveal myself and tell you about how much I love you guys. No seriously, epic is SUCH an understatement. So like Japandemic > epicness. :P
I'm no gaijin (well by blood at least). And no English teacher. But I swear I've absorbed your site like a happy sponge. ( ´ ω ` ) So post moar plzkthx. Love you all~
        Angry Mimi

Sure, anything for you...because I know how cute you are...keep coming by, and bring your friends.  Thanks.

Your website... sardonic sprinkled truths. I like                --allan

thanks. I like that you like. nice to see sardonic (an excellent word) referring to something other than prick cheney's smile.

I freakin' love your site!

Japandemic is freakin fun to read and the photos entertain me to the fullest!
I've always wanted to live in Japan and everytime I read your site, it motivates me to work hard to live over there!
I also want to teach English and you are an inspiration!
From one of your greatest fans,
Edward C.

thanks for the kind words. I don't wear the mantle of role model lightly. Gambaru!

very funny site, were you ever involved in the Journalism field?  let's do a collaboration of story and photos and sell it...if you are interested, later     --nathan

I'm deluded into thinking this is journalism. but I am going to check out your photos and see if we can do something. thanks for the interest & suggestion.

Hi, I rike your website a rot!!  But I have a question about the Japanese toilets... what do they do with their pants?                                --elena

you know, I have never shared a japanese toilet (not to poop anyway), so I can't say. but in the luckless times I have been forced to squat in one (they are GREAT to pee in btw, like pissing outside, just aim for the ground) I have to take my pants off (usually after my shoes) hang them on the door hook, email my boss that I'm coming in late, and do my best to drop one in the hole.

ps  elena, what's your 3 Size? my otaku friend tatsuaki wants to know but he is too afraid to speak actual words to an actual female...oh. wait a minute...

hi erena-chan! I'm name tatsuaki-kun! please to also send photo of yourself also. i'm make the my blow up doll that rook just rike you. thanks you!

hi am alex by name i will really like to know u very much u can also drop ur cell phone number i will like to sing u on the ring tone                             --alexzandra

alright, maybe that one is spam, but nice to feel wanted so badly. and the writing has a certain musical charm--who knows, the ring tone may be great--but I'm too afraid to reply because s/he sounds like a psychopath.

  your site is fucking brilliant. a real inspiration to many an overeducated loafer in japan. if you take photo submissions, i might have one or two on my hard drive. if not, that's cool too.

take 'er easy,

  Hi Japandemic,

Thanks for the comment on my site (mikesblender).  Just had a long look at your site, and damn, I absolutely love it.  Seriously, and I am very scarce with praise, especially when it comes to Japanese websites.  Your site, not my own, is the site that I feel like I should've been making these last 10 years. 
Please by all means link up to me, and I'll of course get a link going back to you too. 
Let me know if there is something I can do to contribute to Japandemic as well. 

  Like your blog.
Linked to it from More Glimpses of Unfamiliar japan


Japandemic of course!

Absolutely love this place. My first stop when I turn on the computer. Take more pictures! Type faster! And sincere thanks for your efforts!!!   Jay In Australia

       P.S.- Where are all the old people? Do they just stay out of the way?

Cool site

Hi There,

You got a cool site and some nice pictures.

Fun stuff.

Cheers from  Vancouver,


I stumbled onto your web pages at japandemic. lots of lovely pearls. i don`t spend a lot of time searching for japan bits, but regularly stumble over opinionated, arrogant crap written by `instant experts` so yours was a charming breath of fresh air. I clicked on page 3 but it didn`t go anywhere... just as well as it`d have to end sometime, but I`d read (and chuckle over) it all no matter how long it went on for
cheers                                                         --dale

thanks brother, keep on stumblin'! page 3 now has a few shots of race queens & perverts from the suzuka F1 circuit. hope you clicked around--it's like a minefield of fun!

p.s.  talk up the site to your friends and enemies (whichever you have more of). gracias.


awesome site u got =)

dude or dudets =P i love ur site its freaken clasic i rember doing that kinda stuff with my big bro teaching kids english and stuff ofcoarse i didnt get to teach since im only 13 and this was in tiawan but it was awesome keep going with this site its friggen awesome i might be posting it on some of my sites, lol sites like theese show everything awesome about countries they just dont show in post cards =) lol good luck and rock on ,\,,/ (X.X) \,,/,  
from: Titus (last name removed)  just an average chineese mexacan =P haha hope on seeing more from the site~~~<((crayola(()

whoa! Titus...the youth have spoken!  That is some dope wordology in there.  a most vibrant & dynamic letter...what it lacks in syntax & grammar it makes up for in energy & enthusiasm, like rap. thanks for the props & good will and for making yourself part of the it wherever you like.

keep stopping by japandemic, and tell your friends about it...and easy on the locoweed mi amigo. (actually, tell your dealer about the site, those guys know LOTS of people.) Thanks dude.

p.s. a chinese mexican named Titus? america really has gone crazy in my absence.


I've always wanted to visit Japan and find the culture pretty intriguing. I would love to even try and live there for a short spell.

What are the requirements for teaching English in Japan? How do you go about searching for a job?

Any help would be appreciated.

Love the site!

Take care,

thanks for the enquiry. you know there are many sites which provide information about teaching in japan, but you are right in coming here for we are smarter and more clued in than the hoi polloi out there.

We are fielding this question so much lately that we will soon be unveiling a page dedicated to this issue.  we will post a direct link to it so all can behold the genius...I wish I had been around to teach me all this stuff before I actually came here.

in the meantime try clicking on a few of the "Teach in Japan" themed ads on the site! couldn't hurt...

It seems you have been to the same places to film trash as I have.
I like your <slightly> jaded view on Japan! I have one, too.
Well, not jaded. More like green schist. Looks like jade at first but actually slightly cheaper!
Keep up the good work! I am in (removed) and take foreigners out on bike and hike tours for a living. I quite (sic) teaching English right before I actually killed someone. I considered it, then plotted it, and when I found myself preparing...I changed jobs quick!

Anyway, if you need to escape but can't get ballistic enough to clear the island-gravitation field, come to (removed). I'll take you out.


thanks for the interesting letter (mightily edited to fit on this page) and for not actually killing any students, as that'd reflect poorly on the lot of us. just might take you up on the offer of a bike-hike...sounds like a cool job.

always enjoy your website!!
Since you don't seem so reticent as most about telling things as they are--just wondered;....any sage advice on bought "degrees" ? it now seems to be needed to teach English here...........there must be some that get past scrutiny? So--any advice re this would be most welcome.thanks,...not that that is your specialty,but your site is more candid and upfront than most,so just thought I'd ask....
Best thing on your site?...the clock thing with the four girls;..........way too cool!
Glad you go to 5 pages now--pleasing to get good info seasoned with spontaneity rather than with conventional propriety.good stuff---thanks.

hi angus. thanks for the nice comments.  

we will address the bought degrees ("from a prestigious non-accredited university!") in our forthcoming Teach in Japan page.

got to admit, at first I was hurt that of all the brilliance I muster you find the best thing on my site the UNIQLOCK girls...but I just took another (long) look at them, and you're right.  they're much better than anything I can come up with.

keep dropping by and bring your friends.


My name is James
(removed), and I have accidentally stumbled upon your japandemic website. I have to say, I found it quite amazing, inspirational, I'm not even sure what the right word for it is. I have been to Japan a few times, and fell in love with it immediately. I am a university student in Canada, and save my money all year to spend a few weeks in Japan seeing and thinking everything exactly the way you put it visually. Anyways, I just want to thank you for making such a great website. I have no idea what it is, I just know I really liked the 5 pages that I saw.

Cheers mate,


Thanks for the appreciation & shouts out from Canada, a country I love (west coast anyways).  Come on back, bring your friends...see you in Japan.

Good stuff dude, I like your site.  Laughed the whole way through.   it's funny cause it's true.  The deck with all the laundry cracks me up.

check this out...


Alright, will do. Thanks for coming by.

 Well, I'm sitting here drinking sake and reading Japandemic page 6. Keep up the good work. I have been studying Japanese for over 3 years and
have been to Japan twice. Kyoto is my base when I go.  Nihon ga daisuki desu. I will return in 2010.  Are there any new girl videos coming? I love the
ones you have on the site. Utsukushii desu ne.
Ato de,
Forestville, California.
Loves it.

Hey honcho,

I just wanted to say that your site is astonishingly informational. I have been poring over sites like Big Daikon and Gaijin Pot in an effort to get more information about culture and life in Japan because I am hoping to teach English there. I've applied to a certain government-sponsored program, and am still awaiting the verdict. Your words and pictures are hilarious and poignant, specific and telling without being too much so. I wish you guys would update more, though! I'm always checking back to find the newest picture with a caption. I know that all of you (how many, I do not know. Does anyone?) must be very busy with your normal lives, and contribute whaenever you can...but I want more! Oooooh I'm kidding but I'm really not...sigh.

When (yes, WHEN) I arrive in Japan for work I want to begin contributing to japandemic in an effort to inform and assist people like me. I hope there's not some rigorous induction process.

Be safe, and watashi wa nippon o ikimasu! Sayonara,


p.s. please use my pseudonym, not my real name, if you print this.

Lovin' the pseudo-name.

apologies to readers: would have had more up if hadnt been so busy following all leads for smuttynose on Google.

I stumbled into your japandemic site, and enjoyed your stream of photos and words.  I also live in Kyoto, and have been here longer than I like to admit, so it was great to see the different Kyoto that catches your eye and camera lens.  I'm into photography, like you, and am trying to make it pay it's own way, but really difficult to do.  I'll drop by your site again, thanks for the ride.


Thanks...everyone stumbles onto this site because we're all drunk.

I enjoyed your site. It was funny.  How often do you update it?



This link is busted:

On page:

Click to:


Thanks for pointing that out. Unfortunately, the link works just fine, because making a hyperlink with MS FrontPage is something a borderline retarded rhesus monkey can do. The real problem is that making a landing page with some quality content is harder, so I didn't do that part...but coming soon.

Keep clicking links, though, because many actually lead somewhere.

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sassy...I am so getting some from this pirate wife.


yo yo. love the webcite. dont even know how I found it.
i live up in fukui... super fucking inaka. but beautiful nonetheless. any how. i do the same thing as you. attempt to teach engrish.
I love your webcite. i am already telling my friends about it.
Love kyoto. your picutres are great, and recognize a bunch of the spots. I have been to kyoto about 4 times. fucking love the place. my favorite city by far.
I am already tired of tokyo and osaka and cant stand nagoya. I am trying to talk my girl friend into moving to kyoto when my current contract is up.
j-love from the bakka inaka

J-love, back at ya...and your girlfriend's friends.

p.s.  if you've managed to make a lot of enemies here, tell them, too.  thanks for the help...good things come from spreading the good word.

my new time-killer

I stumbled upon your site a few weeks back, and I went through the first page and had a couple laughs, thought it was interesting, left, and didn't think about it. Then, a week later, something compelled me...and I was drawn back! I went through a ton of pages, reading EVERYTHING over and over and over.  Awesome site, keep the pictures and info and fun coming!


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