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Vox Populi....The People Have Spoken...some more:

I have been living in Tokyo for 2 and a half years.  I spent 2 years in Osaka before that.  I thoroughly enjoy your website.  In terms of insider(outsider)-jokes, silly j-content and a clear vision of the irony of this country, I think you have hit the nail on the head.
Did you ever see the Nova Usagi gore drawings collection?

Best of luck and if you're in Tokyo, let me know, we can drink a veer.


I can haz t-shirts?

When am I gonna be able to get a wicked awesome japandemic t-shirt to amaze and dazzle my friends with the sheer awesomeness of it?


T-shirts! Yeah...I want T-Shirts, too!  Contacting makers & printers to get that done. Also making some magnets that we'll be leaving around places FREE for the grabbing and giving out as prizes. stay tuned...Thanks much for the enthusiasm.

Thanks for the posting of observations on japandemic.  Do the photos come first and then the thoughts, or the other way around.  I'll be in Kyoto in a few weeks (as soon as finals are over).  You've given me another perspective to see the city from. Thanks


This process question has given me pause. Upon reflecting I'd say that often the photos come first and then some way of presenting them floats up...except for the times when I want to get something off my chest and then have to hunt around for a good picture to support it. When on the hunt for the right photo I feel I look sketchy and suspicious as the dickens.

Great site Mr. Smith.

Thank you and agreed, Mr. Jones.

Really enjoyed your website, made me feel like I was back where my spirit belongs, Japan.  I worked for Boeing for one year while living in Yokohama.  I want to go back and live there but I have yet to summon the courage.  Married, making 100K + and doing all the things a successful businessmen in America are suppose to do.  I love the spirit of Japan, however ruthless the work might be.

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the transition from a successful American to going to Japan and scratching for a living at 50 years of age.  As you can tell, I left my heart in Japan.  I feel 30 in Japan, 70 in the US of A.

Anyway thanks for the ambiance, really nice website.

clock chicks

Not that it is the only feature that makes your site worth visiting............but it would be worthwhile  even if only to for the introduction to the uniqlock site!.....

really(not that I wasn't being real!)---you get a nice combination of essence and narrative,of atmosphere and kinetics. And all without academia/correctness/tourismism/moral shepherding.
good stuff.
There is nothing that is not better straight from the horse's mouth.
Hope you keep it going,wherever it leads.


Say what's the time!?  It's time to get ill! Say what's the time!?  It's time to get ill!

mexican and i need work

i from mexico
i now english conversational and spanis like native lenguage
i always work in hards works like construccion or something like that
i need work anything
you can help me
thanks for your time
elio d.
i como becasue my girlfriend is from here
i going to maryy with she

If you speak Native Spanish, try teaching Spanish--even advertise for private lessons in cafes or McDonald's.  Once you are married to a Japanese woman (congratulations!--good choice) you will have the legal documents to do any work you can find here. Under the table construction jobs I don't think are as common as in the USA.

Best of Luck.

This buds for you?


I have been in Japan for sometime now and find it rather to my "taste." When I first got here I did not drink beer unless it was from Germany or the UK, that said my friend introduced me to the fine brews in Japan such as Asahi, Yebisu, Kirin, Orion and many more. I actually like the beer over here and think it is rather funny that my friends like to drink american imports. My question for you however is why do you drink budweiser
the guy who does not like american beer 

Understood...I'll address this on the site.  You're not the first guy to wonder what the hell is wrong with me about this Bud business. But consider it a sort of performance art piece.

 Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

If you are willing to post a permanent link on your site for Osaka Insider, I will gladly post one for your site as well. Please let me know if you would be interested.


You spoilt my holiday : )

Hi Japandemic!

You spoilt my holiday! I just got back from 10 days in Japan (using your website as a guidebook) and spent 5 days in Kyoto. The whole time I was there I was checking out every Gaijin trying to work out if that was you! And as you know when Gaijin spy each other in Japan, they usually look at each other in mute acknowledgement, but they never quite seem to take the next step of actually communicating. I used the photoshopped pictures on your site to composote a picture of what I think you look like, but I don't think I saw you.

Hey I like page 19...I saw those exact ads only yesterday! But you have a way of making them interesting.

And I don't think it right that you ever identify yourself. That would just spoil it for me!

Keep up the good work!
And I want a T-shirt!


Probably spoil it for me, too.

Greetings and small request


I justed saw your page on a google ad link. I think it's really funny
and nice to read. Could I ask you to also put some suggestions on where
to go in Tokyo to meet locals?
I have some of this on the lonely planet guide but I would prefer to
have your opinion on that one.


Entertaining site you've got

I'm in Japan on business and just stumbled on your site. Hilarious! Been dealing with Japan for over 30 years. Got my own blog but it can't touch yours in the "entertainment" department. While I try to keep things light (most of the time), I touch on more serious issues, mostly related to business. If the spirit moves you check out the "Intercultural Twilight Zone".

Your site made me laugh several times in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you have earned a hallowed spot on my blogroll...just don't expect a big increase in hits.

Keep up the good work!


Fan mail and tattoo observation

Dear Japandemic,

Really enjoy the site.
Japanese religion and art are two of my favorite subjects; the tattoo on the woman on page 17 looks more like an Apsaras- a kind of celestial maiden/dancer/music maker, and not an Avalokitesvara.
Keep up the good work,
Nice to

see you back on the jdemic site.Flickr is o.k. but imho lacks the hara bandwidth for your wider ranging talents and commentaries.  Would still be cool to set up some sort of jdemic 'board' or something. 

Its Japandemic!!

No its EPICS!! ^_^

Big fan of the site man, keep up the good work. Us Japan loving Americans can use some down to earth insight on Japan :) its not all Anime/Manga and Kawaii is it? hehe. growing up i always had a thing for the Japanese culture, but i gotta say that your site kinda brought out the love. lol well that can be taken wrong..... anywho, since finding your site i have researched the hell out of life in Japan and ways of moving there. I wanna take my family name to Japan and start a whole line of 6foot+ Armenian/American/Japanese mini me's!!! scary.... I'm thinking of (drum roll).... teaching English in Japan... original rite!!! lol its not exactly a subject i love but i have a mind like a sponge and i can learn to do just about anything. Good bloodlines i guess?? *shrug* idk, but i'm thankful. If you would be willing i have questions about day to day life there, and how a person like me would fit. Of course, i know your a busy individual and get a lot of "love mail" to read, and it could be a lengthy email chain :P but it'd be awfully cool if u could help me out. Again, keep up the good work and thanks from Japanese deprived Tennessee haha. Kudos and much respect  boss-man
                 -Matahoe (old high school nickname hehe)

はじめまして! ^0^/`

Im Canadain boy who is Taro Yamaguchi

MY hobby is, study english, sleeping and playing Kendo? Do you know Kendo?   Kendo is japanese Fencing.! wow so nice!!!!!
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anyways here is my page, please checking!


Cool site.
Sweet/sad/sexy pics with "mono no aware" echos here and there.
I taught "Technical/business English and cultural awareness" for IES clients in and around Tokyo & Yokohama a couple of years back.  I miss Japan very much.  Some of your posts remind me of the whole not always pleasant but always interesting honne/tatemae and uchi/soto dancing necessary to live there.   Heck, I even miss the trains, plus there's just nothing even close to Mr.Donut's 'old fashioned' plain here in the US!
Mikata K

Love Mail

I love the site, ended up sitting up till round 4am reading all of it. Here`s hoping my life in Japan is as fun as this blog makes it out to be, first months been fun (minus getting a bit too pissed, if thats possible, and having to travel back home covered in my own vomit).

P.S Mimi sent me, so y`know give her some chocolates or something.


I like your site

Hello, thanks for the interesting blog showing real Japan. I've lived here a total of about 9 1/2 years now ('91-'98 and Dec 06 until now), and like your observations and photos.


Hi, I came to your website via japanzonefriends. I am a Japanophile and want to live, move and work in Japan. Of course, I want to teach English which happens not to be my native tongue which gives me an advantage over other applicants. Is it true that NOVA went under? If so, then thousands of ALT's are roaming the country side which doesn't give us newbies a chance. I won't give up though..... I am German and proud of it even though my passport says American.
I found your website very positive as compared to other Americans who do nothing but whine about living in Japan. If they don't like it they can leave!!! Mataku.!!!  I think when you are in  Rome do as the Romans do. As for my part, I will fit in and find the man of my dreams in Japan. Maybe I write a book about it.
Thanks for keeping up the good work.
 Hey there,

I love your site! I wrote you before about it, and I realize you don't have time to write back. That's fine. Just keep the great photos and insights coming.

One thing though that would really improve the site is for the index page to be the newest content. Although I enjoy going back and rereading older pages, the first thing I look for is the newest content, and there is no good way of doing that if the "front page" keeps changing. By using your index page for your latest content, I can bookmark and get to your latest content easily.

Further, recent browsers will track changes on a page, but you need a fixed address to do so. In Safari for example, frequently accessed pages show up in your window by default and are indicated by a small icon when changes are made. So keeping up on the latest content at Japandemic would be really easy, if you have a static naming convention utilizing the index page for your latest content.

I hope you don't mind my recommendation. Not only am I an avid reader of your site, but I'm also a web developer, so I think about such things.

Keep up the good work. Your site is nourishing me, until I can one day move to Japan.

e v e

Thanks.  I remember your first mail...want to get  back to you.  Been thinking to "level up" the coding side of things.  Some kind of comments ability or forum.  I know people land on Page 1 Word 1 every time--whereas on a WordPress /Perez Hilton /  HuffPost site you get the newest and scandalest; I view this like a book, and you pick the book back up and open to your last page and keep on.

You may not be able to tell (but maybe you can) I am no code monkey. The current format and layout represents my computer savvy stretched to its limit. At the moment, I am not sure how to bring about any of these changes.

But here's to Web 3.0!

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