in the city, drinking every day everywhere...lots of fun for everyone!

there are many things to love about this weird wonderful country; the one that we foreigners immediately latch onto is drinking in public.  drinking alcohol is woven into the fiber of life here like the grasses in a tatami mat. you can drink day or night; here, there and everywhere...and that is exactly what people do. it is more common to see a salaryman, in full suit & tie,  splattered over a train seat than it is to see a homeless guy chugging a canned hi-ball.   

here is photo documentation of various beers drunk out and situ & al fresco. 

(LEFT) in some connecting alleyway, gion area, a bass pale ale...good bang for the buck at \221 a bottle if you know where to shop.  (RIGHT) making a nice silhouette: a green kirin heartland--the most overlooked beer in japan--handcrafted, true ingredients, fresh dated, cheap enough, bottled.             cans suck.


another plane another train another bottle in the brain...  (LEFT) urban kyoto manhole-as-coaster wabisabi  grit, and (RIGHT) lovely colors from the flower petals and a little sand along the japan herself, an inspiring blend of contradictions.


(LEFT) a kirin heartland poised on a brace coming out of the amazing timber posts on sanjo bridge.  (RIGHT) and a sometimes spot, a bit of urban grim.


(LEFT) the beer on the stairs, again the kirin heartland, lovely weather, a drape of fresh green willow.  (RIGHT) the view out (before); for the after view, see below:



there is a liquor shop in kyoto that has kirin heartland (!) on tap year round...if you order a small or medium it comes in a discreet generic cup with some abstract pattern on it--could contain green tea, macha au lait (yes, they make it) or fried chicken chunks from Lawson.  the big boy (600ml?) seen atop the granite post in the photo only comes in a big blue & white matsuri festival cup, which screams KIRIN BEER off the face of it...make it gion matsuri every day. kampai!!!

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