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wild  sexy  fun  japan Lived on the Inside.  Seen from the Outside.  


Let's Buy Some More Shit.




shopping as dharma leads to this.


All trash street photos taken in one small town over the course of 3 weeks, marking the end of free pickup of "non-recyclable" items.  For a tiny country with 0 natural resources, they sure throw away a lot of good stuff. Gaijin and homeless are the only folks who dare / deign / desire to take any and re-use it. And now that is illegal.

Taking Some Heat, My People...


Not back in the USA:

On the previous page I lamented going back home to USA if all fell apart in Japan...but that was just The Crazy talking. Truly, I'd pick my way down the regional food chain, staying in Asia where I could retain  a quasi-godlike status. 

The downward spiral seems to drain from Japan, through Korea, on to Thailand, then on...watch out for that last step, it's a doozy...into China.

But I'm smart, somewhat educated, and can pass myself off as professional, so I should be able to set a decent stop-loss somewhere around Seoul...but one never knows.


huh...thought I had more shells.  and there's still more stuff to kill.

I'm not adequately armed.


Photos taken through my closed locked window of the hillbillies next door shooting at all things winged, scurrying and shiny out across our shared front yard. Near an Indian Reservation in the greater Seattle, WA area.


life sprouts up from the through the violence.

a snatched DEER XING sign perforated by rifle shells, having been forgotten to fall face down among the grasses...to smother the weak & luckless, to nurture the strong & lucky. 

like Darwin, like Life.

(all apologies to the deer, who were probably counting on the sign.)

The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives...



fuck it.  I'm shooting that prick in the window with the camera.

  kerosene...it's not just for flying jets.

(> _ <) (* o *) (^ _ ^)

ok...let's go.

you just haven't earned it yet, baby



better late than never...kind of.

strap decorated for Christmas in a small private rail car. the whole car was decorated in fact, like for a small town PTA bazaar.

supermarket wagyu domestic beef


File Under: Name-Dropping Pricks

"It's like I have a radio tuner and it's turned on all the time."

Answer from the late John Updike to my over-earnest question about where does he get his ideas from...over a whisky.

(...pretty good, thought I, so've been trying it since about that day).

(...pretty sure that's not a standard contraction).

(...pretty girls just passed by).



from everyone at japandemic and our friends at sparkledusted cards

Show the Love!


 japandemic has its first celebrity endorser...

Leo Di C.

such a long long time to be gone and a short time to be there

after intense (and not always civil) negotiations, we have allowed him to also shill for Bridgestone Tires in the Japan market.

Expanding the McPremises

this McDonald's that daily serves up traffic McClogged corners was closed for a week to enlarge the sit-down area...

alright, I'm not the most pro-military guy on the planet...but when China, with their long memory, and Korea, with their kimchee krazy, come dropping 'round...I'm going to want a little more between them & me than a few Kyoto traffic cops.



...and add a little McBling!



happy fridge

yes, a rice waffle



the moffle, for mochi (pounded rice cake) and waffle.  a recent craze.  here served with soy sauce and nori dried seaweed in lieu of cow butter and syrup.

abandoned puppy...kawaii!!!












Right: from my frenemies at the local Jehovah's Witness Compound.

an alcoholism checklist out of a recent English language Watchtower, which they sometimes drop off (must have been going through my trash on can & bottle recycle day.)

If you answer yes to 7 or more of the these questions, I have 2 more for you:

How's your Japanese?  &  How long have you been here?

My McPleasure.


fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks. doumo arigato!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 



that's what friends are for...

a li'l pornewsgraphy

see y'all at the mall!

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