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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


covering all bases: 


...in the Gideon drawer, Rose Hotel, Chinatown, Yokohama.


the girls are cute, the mascots are cute, the beers are cute.

no, I don't have hands like a ham-fisted ape; these cans are really that small. 135ml, about a  double shot.

the shop owner gave me a couple for being customer of the month, but these little nippers are for sale singly & by the case.

avoid the pigpandemic!!   embrace the japandemic!!!   stay safe everyone...masks on!


got the machine so overclocked I had to pop the hood to prevent another shutdown due to "a thermal event." scared the bejeesus out of me first few times that message flashed.

(the DELL gets the job done well enough, but hot & noisy as a Brazilian hooker.)



even in this economy, if they're clean & well-behaved, that's a fair enough deal.

(note how in japan they list the larger number first; this is a common trend in all dealings numerical. for example, "There were 4 or 3 people who came late." not wrong, necessarily, just queer.)



an otaku is born...

jr high train-boy drooling over the lady train driver as she grips shafts and pushes levers and grinds on gears.

one of my new faux-old kirin beer glasses.  (not the other mormon preacher, as sloppy page layout may have led you to believe)

File Under: A Little Alliteration 

 mesmerized mormon missions mac mayhem!

at the mac superstore, osaka. some Mormon missionaries, happy to be off their bikes and out of the sun, still wearing their nametags etched with "Elder Josiah" and whatnot. the Mormons I have come across have all been good, decent people, and serve to uplift the race....but from the looks of these guys even gaming of this sort, to say nothing of macs, are still verboten in the Land of Zion, whence they came and unto whom they shall return.

once they bag a few locals 

...one way or another

A recent letter from a reader:


I just got here as an English teacher about a month ago, and I wanted to say thanks!
Not only is the site quite entertaining, but I'm learning stuff too, who'da thunk it?
May you prosper greatly good sir.


thanks for the good wishes...glad to be of some help & could use some prosperity.

this site is actually part of a work-release program from karmic-debtors prison, paying off years of selfishness and misguided thinking...best of luck here & make our people proud.

dude, you've got crabs!


actually, just one. but it's fckng huge!

pink shoes, osaka stn.
high noon. 

the face attached to this bit of lovely, while sweet, was enveloped in the sneaky giggling midday bubble of glee which suggests new infidelity. 

...perhaps my imagination gets the better of me, but I'm usually a pretty good judge of bad character.

 (x . x)

an ordinary person spends his life avoiding tense situations;
repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.  --repo man

changing of the guard...

riders piling off the train at kyoto station as a ravenous pack just as large eyes the vacating seats through the glass, and schemes.

shoes and legs

(I had to move my boner out of the way just so I could take this picture.)


 I wouldn't say it's a フェチ fechi...


...but I suppose there are others who wouldn't say it isn't. 

Kyoto Station, making for the subway.

just packing some good ole american mega sausage...


ready...              set...


another light turns from red to green.  umeda, osaka.

bye!   ...call me.



Lived on the Inside.

Seen from the Outside.

 some pachinko drones chain-smoking away monday afternoon.

as you gaze at this picture, have someone jackhammer your head inside a running 747 engine while he waterboards you with a smoke cannon, and it'll be just like being here.

the pachinko parlor is a psychotically noisy bastion of transfixed, cig-huffing desperation, and sensory overload yakuza cash cow.

ichi                           ni                             san


going                          going                          gone

(> . <)

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from the 

United States Obamerica.


We (sometimes) Come in Peace.

more train bling. some hanging from the ceiling, and a little bit dead ahead, for real.

there is no sane reason to drive a car in this country, anywhere, ever.


a lineup of seagull booty, yokohama harbor.

Kyoto, 2009

call it like you see it

who be doing what to whom?

eyes on the prize (cont'd)

a bank of monitors hovering above the JR train platform, general area of osaka.


Some old skool bling, furniture row, Kyoto.


( ^ o ^ )

judge no one.


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