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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.



this trick'd out bruthah coming correct! stylin& profilin' thru my 'hood...props G. Thug for Rife in Disney GangstaLand...a safe & fun way to express yaself.  on the streets of Japan you can play gangsta bad boy on any turf and no one's going to roll up on you. or jack yo' ride. or put a cap in yo' ass. or beat you down. or peel yo' mofo cap back. or bus' a jack move on ya....or any the other lyrics that for the moment escape me.

very much like the time I went to see Public Enemy in concert. now I been a PE fan for a long time, but I been a skinny white pussy for even longer...so I'm not driving down into Inglewood to shout props out to Chuck D n' Flav.  but when my friend offered to take me (w/ her fine self, dawg) with her bosses VIP seats-- VIP! that's english for Courvoisier!-- opening for U2, whitest peckerwoods on the planet...I was all over it.  Yo, Fighting Tha Power y'all...from a safe distance. 

Call him Ishmael...
the further saga of a semi-knowledgeable quasi-literate pseudo-friend & thorn in my fckng crotch.

...after getting fired from all conceivable forms of employment in Japan (a Herculean feat in itself), he landed in Taiwan. when that didn't work out so well he slipped into Korea; when that imploded, he trod the well-worn trail of paedophiles, sex addicts, surf stoners & tailings off the eurotrash heap into Thailand...steadily working his way down the asian ladder. at which point I get his email from a strip joint / internet cafe inquiring about crashing back on my floor (ahm, I'll get back to you).  if he can't make this Thai gig stick, I fear it's the Philippines or prison. or Lord 'a Mercy, a Philippine prison... Gambatte!*

*One-point J lesson: Gambatte! (pron: gahm-bah-tay) is an oft-heard threadbare all-purpose phrase of support. Kind of like "Good Luck", "Go For It!" in american english, when you don't know what else to say.

It is best used when you have had enough of a conversation (or conversationalist), want to wrap up on a positive note, and scram.


a book:



yeah, ok wiseguy...but it beats a Full Hell, don't it.


actually a very interesting photo expose on Japan, if a bit conceptually obtuse & art-faggy. Paul Graham is a gutsy, smart photog/artist who has strong ideas on Japan, and did some interesting work in Ireland. not for everybody, but really for some.




oh shit. 

out of corn soup.

a man after my own heart...and liver.

check out this old cat, discreetly (but not discreet enough because I got you you sneaky bastard) pouring cheap convenience store sake into his stroll-about tea bottle. 

getting the day rolling, about 9:30 a.m., yokohama harbor promenade. have a nice day!

students taking a break from taking a break.

two peculiar students from the beauty college, who spend most classes decorating & mutilating the day's printout. here they enrich themselves during our 7-minute break w/ a little japanese culture playing go, a sort of japanese checkers the aged use to while away the days as they await the reaper.

yes, this is a college and that is a high school uniform being worn by the friendly J-blonde on the left. when I asked her why she said: "kibun" きぶんwhich means something like "I felt like it." In all fairness, on the days her friend cuts class & is not there to drag her down into her own personal pit of ignorance, the blonde one does pretty well w/ the assignments.

n.b.: were this not such a pro operation I'd also have to add that her legs are like honey-buttered velvet.

Welcome to Kyoto.

cross between a blow-up doll & a greeter girl.

beckoning one & all to her shop of yatsuhashi--
a traditional kyoto sweet flavored with cinnamon and filled with the ubiquitous red bean paste.

she is about the size of an average 3rd Grader.

Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.

along the Sea of Japan...

some politicized japanese kids throwing stones at north korea. 

(being a man and all, I took a couple whacks at it myself...Kim, you sick pimp, F-off!)

A reader writes:
Just wanted to tell you that your site is a blast.  I have a great time every time I stop by.  Will tell my friends about it, but only the ones that can handle it.  you have created a work of truely twisted art.  I like it very much.  Keep up the good work.

Why Thank You...and yes, only the ones that can handle it.  We have no professional (or even semi-pro) liability insurance here whatsoever.

MEN's LIP balm...


Are YOU man enough???



check these guys out for FREE cool cards




 a little train bling...


hanging from the ceiling of the local cutting out towards yokohama

this bit of sad comes to you from me via Vertical who claim to have lifted it from MurderBurger the funniest ground beefery, ever.

Their caption reads:

"Yes, those are two grown men hanging out in the park...with their inflatable girlfriends.

Can you think of anything more pathetic? It’s one thing to think a bit of plastic is your soulmate, but when you start dressing it up and taking it out for double dates - in a wheelchair, no less - it’s time to see the nice men in white coats."

hey man, I've been that lonely, so I'm putting on my Deepak Chopra and will not judge them.

as a guy who lives in Japan and teaches both many Japanese men & women, however, I will vouch the real tragedy is that, conversationally, those 2 chicks will be far more interesting.


 chocolate tits!

with cream filled centers.  yum.

(and clocking in at about life-size)



you sick otaku freaks...we won't give you a carry permit for a knife any bigger than this.


a cherry weeping on the outside, and lonely businessman on the inside, oversee the fun and friendship along the kamogawa river, at sanjo.

help...and be helped

 Lived on the Inside.

Seen from the Outside.

crawl         walk         run           fly

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou!!!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 

! spring !


salted fresh cherry blossoms

this little minx is warning against ijime, bullying, which in the absence of guns, drugs & gangs is a serious problem in the schools here.

help the weak...don't prey on them

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