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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


G I R L Z !

a couple of maidstresses at the Kyoto Hotel using a little downtime to dream about guys rike us.

This girl walked by - she gave me the eye

I reached in the locker - grabbed the Spanish Fly

N E W S   A L E R T ! ! ! 

It's heeeeerrre!        The pigpandemic hits Japan.


not since Perry's Black Ships landed have we felt so violated by the West...

I did not sleep much nor well last night; tired and moving slowly, I am behind schedule and chances are greater than 65% I miss my train. only time to gird myself in the essentials--no accessories. I leave the house with no tie, no belt, no underwear. 

It is hot and I fear it will be a long day; I set the bar low for myself.  In fact I have dug a shallow trench and placed the bar gently in it:  just do not yawn loudly or noticeably in a student's face; get home.  You win.



cute bright japanese girls buying cute fluffy bright things. kyoto, teramachi shotengai covered shopping arcade.



ever wanted to feel like a real suspicious douche with a camera? here's a good way:  walk around town wearing your spray paint ventilator mask against the swine flu because the headlines scream 96 no 130 no 163!!! cases at your university overnight and all drugstores sold out of those mouth-diaper disposable masks everyone else managed to get.  and then board the train huffing like Darth Vader in that thing. and it's hot & sunny so the remainder of your face is blocked behind sunglasses and your Dodgers cap.  oh yeah, and then start pointing your camera all around at sexy girls in buttpants & thigh stockings, strangers drinking, reading porn manga and whatnot.

...that ought to do it. 

nice $3,000 Louis Vuitton bag child; wish I were cute & 19 so I could afford beautiful things like that...

the semi-recent phenomenon of girls doing their make-up on the train...to save time and make enemies.


In this dynamic photo essay a student at a Kyoto beauty college examines, glues and applies her false eyelashes in a moving train, while the businessman stuck next to her putties himself into the window jamb. She has recently tacked the hair out of her eyes w/ that huge blue clip seen dangling off her head, and just finished applying to her face various color and smear from cases & pots all emerging out of that lilac sack in her lap. To this point it has consumed about 17 minutes.

Many older Japanese feel this new behavior shows lack of respect for your fellow traveler/human being and represents a slip down a rung in social civility...and irks some people no end. Yeah, it's freakish and self-obsessed, but I find it a bit titillating, like peeking into the girls bedroom...(p.s. rumors flying that the girls may soon start shaving on the train.)





you can keep the sports; just let me have the comics and the pussy page.

an older gentleman reading the news on the a.m. local to osaka.  the sports newspapers devote much column girth, I mean width, to the massage girls and gravia idols. sometimes they do exposes on the girls, sometimes they just run ads for their varied services.

(not sure if the mask is a swine flu barrier or drool-sop.)


note the droll and witty juxtaposition of 2 Japanese female archetypes (above & due right)

Sailor Poon

skirt hiked up to her vagina, per usual.  thanks Naoko!

wanting to be sailor moon herself, a local jr high go-go girl gets a secret dye job by the light of a vending machine.  she said her mom wouldn't let her go chapatsu (dyed brown hair) because it looked trashy so she's sneaking in a street treatment from her friend.




note the good-girl colorist & BFF still wears her school uniform, and after this session will repair to her room to finish her homework (and avoid reform school or becoming the moll of a local scooter gang bosozoku ruffian, all of whom have dyed hair).

(NOTE:  These pictures were taken some years back, but not posted at the time to help protect her youth.

...if she has stayed on this trajectory, she will have 2 or 3 kids who are at the moment locked in her van in the parking lot of the pachinko parlor, while she rides her fave machine inside.

...if this was a momentary & light-hearted dabbling in the Dark Side, then probably all is well and she'll be shopping along Shijo this weekend with the rest of them.  Here's hoping, girl.)


 looks great!...and now your mom will never know.

help...and be helped

nice cute sailor moon cosplay girl. I have seen this photo on many sites, but think it originates here...lots more cool shots at this guy's site.

(don't forget to come back after your sick fantasizing)



different day, different train, different girl...same foul.




this would have been such a better photo had I gotten her here.

one of the many cool sneaky alleys to duck into as you cut from kiyamachi to ponto-cho, in the old floating world section of kyoto. vice is nice...

the kyoto subway. train.

the kyoto subway. floor.

her again. my vote is for long hair.

I'm most grateful to you for your note. Thanks.  (some student props written on a recent exam.)

note to students: don't underestimate how much teachers learn from you, and appreciate your appreciation. really. if you become teachers yourself someday, you will see.


the never-ending story. chapter 3.

(0 _ 0)   (x _ x)   (0 _ 0) old enough to know better:


and elderly pillar of the community extracting her bicycle from the same illegal bike parking the college kids and young freeters all use.




Japanese for Ritz® Crackers.

it looks like you're seeing triple, but you're not.

reading some sexy manga on the train. after a few dozen pages he stuffed the comic in his bag,  whipped out his laptop and started crunching some spreadsheet...all work and no play, etc., etc.

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 


a couple of schoolgirls looking around kyoto after school


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