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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


Hey!  Come on in!!!


H & C:  a couple of nice sunshiney girls handing out fliers for their hair salon.

(P.S. Japanese girls are sweet & friendly & the best.)


mono no aware

The short, sweet season of the sakura exemplifies this very Japanese concept that a thing is special & precious precisely because it is fleeting.  So pay attention to that...not the noise in your head.


(in a narrative that slices & dices the time-space continuum like Pulp Fiction, or like Memento, b/c the ending comes first.  I lay out the brief story...it went a little something like this.

1. The Approach, via the down escalator. The uphill advantage & surprise on my side.

hmmm...what might this be?

Ahh...The Cruelest Month


Pride Goeth Before The Fall: Kyoto, Japan. (A Land that does not take marijuana lightly.)

"What?  You think I'm some guy that doesn't have money!?!"

...and he whips a hefty bag of weed from his pocket to flaunt his wealth like ducats and homeboy dookie-ropes.  The izakaya owner calls the police, and not having enough cash to pay his tab is a problem now insignificant compared to this new one.

He was jailed on a Friday and deported to Canada on the Monday; he had two days to bundle his gear and say goodbye to his son.


2. Spotted & Engaged.

I see you seeing me...


Warhol double portrait. shot through the Limited Edition Guinness Andy W commemorative glass onto an envelope below.

the cultural sensitivity of manga:


see if you can spot the sheeny and the chink in the above picture.

File Under: Sneaky Squint-eyed Lizard-face Race and Impossibly Massive Glob-nose Hucksters.


3.  Close Encounters of the Second Kind.  Natives seem friendly.

jump in ..the water's warm.


Zen Buddhist monks enter their train coach, peaceably.

I spoke with a French monk in the group, who told me this was an annual gathering of all the Zen Buddhist monasteries in the Kinki region (Western Japan)--like Sturgis for the meditation set--with one monk representing each.  He was based in Kobe and said he liked his lifestyle very much.

I don't know but I think that bonsai is a little excessive.

McDonald's Escort Kids:

Sweet Lord! but I hope this means something different in Japanese English than it'd mean in English English.

  I did it to get it out of my system; but instead I got it all in my system.

ph: hoop earrings girl on bed, bra.

(It all has to start, and I suppose stop, somewhere.)


hmmm...maybe it's the next Empress of Japan


Zen Buddhist monks wait, patiently, for their train.


Runcheon on the Glass

big day for ohanami picnics yesterday (April 10, Saturday)


...and many a drunken college lass or lad.  some of whom I witnessed having a bit of a struggle to get back into their shoes.



be a lamp unto thyself

bite my long train.

fuck the sakura; you see the goddamn numbers from last month!?!

mono no aware...remember?

i fucking hate judgmental people.

pachyderma ludaeus


the JR train conductors stop, turn and bow to the entire car before leaving to enter the next one.  it's very gracious.

a lost seagull hovering over the upper deck of a boat on the setagawa river about where it connects to lake biwa.

"That is One Crazy Site You've Got There!"

 With a dearth of young Japanese, the university has imported a new crop of Chinese students to fill the ranks...smart lean and hungry, like America before the wars and Japan after...and will brook no bullshitting around on their dime.

I will have my hands full this semester...perhaps onward.

Lived on the Inside.  Seen from the Outside.

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  doumo arigatou!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 

I'm sure there's a story behind this, and I'm betting it isn't pretty.


abandoned trousers & underpants, spent toilet paper, unflushed dump. zeze jokoen public toilet, soused ohanami weekend.


coming at ya!

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