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smartsexycooljapan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.



--Kool Moe Dee

The Recruit Suits

April truly is the cruelest month. School and the fiscal year starts. As the last sakura petals are ground into dust to powder footpaths and footsoles, recent graduates realize just into first days of first jobs that convenient self-serving schedules, hard late drinking, online mah jongh, all-night RPG sessions and sleeping through classes (when they bothered to show up at all) was actually the worst preparation for the working world.  The party stops yesterday, people. 

For further research try Studs Terkel Working or perhaps that catchy 80s tune by Godfathers Birth School Work Death (all you really need is the title) Congrats!  you've made it 3/4 of the way there!!!)    Gambatte!


Freshmen.  Made Men...for the Green Team

They have interviewed together, started work together, will continue to work together, drink together, forever together be the sempai to ensuing April Freshmen of all years to follow. They will drink together, do kompa together new crops of OL (see above panels), and after retirement will drink and visit temples, go momiji viewing together and reminisce together as OB of whatever company that green emblem denotes.


 Lived on the Inside.

   Seen from the Outside.

I was looking for a job and then I found a job and Heaven knows I'm miserable now.

--The Smiths

Another stormy day & on bike I pick my way to the station. 
As I twist down the old streets the wind off the lake changes, sometimes with and other times agin me.  When she's at my back I hold my
kasa umbrella straight out ahead and feel the taut pull from the spinnaker; elsewheres I cant it off to a side and tack into the wind. Today the squall blows too strong to push the kasa into it & the rain too soaking to ditch it streetside, which is my first thought.
I take what seems an indirect route, wending through the old town as it does, w/ a number of turns. But I learned this shortcut, the quickest & easiest path, from the local college students, the selfishest & laziest travelers.
This broken bitch of a bird... 

had to stuff it here; had valuable top-heavy cargo, storm too heavy to pilot the machine still clutching it.


2.  Stuffed in the front basket and off we go, wending our way back through the same streets, like a movie watched in reverse.  More unneeded unloved unwanted plastic & metal making its slow way to the Philippine landfill, a lakeside dumping ground, the Pacific gyre.

1.  I knew I had done wrong, and went back the next day to find it.   Here she is, bent twisted abandoned; mine.

(note: this action occurs before red-bike basket panel to left; sometimes we need to read R to L like my people here.)

hey, fluffy bunny ears!  keep on truckin'!


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only guy awake on the whole fckng train...and if like some catastrophe occurred I'd have to do all the heroics...me and the polka-dot lady with the 1000yard stare up there a few panels.

the human head, cantilevered.


Use Yourself to Lose Yourself.


(an elemental and unschooled understanding I have concocted, likely to change as I get deeper into knowledge.)


a lot of good faux animaux gave their faux lives for this girl's ensemble.

insanity = doing the same thing, expecting different results.

As I was peering into his shop this gentleman came out to invite me in.  Seems to be a high quality place for tempura, called Arima.

  keeping her side of the street clean...

Your beliefs do not have to be accurate, they only have to be useful.
centuries of getting by on seaweed and rice...and then my people just go crazy:

The Tower Cheeseburger. 10 patties, really for sale at Lotteria hamburger shops. 990 JPYen, about $11 US.

(Red-capped human frame left is for scale.)

Also available with only 2 or 3 patties, for lightweights and sushi-fags.


a white geek who is not me taking photos. of kyoto tower. oh well, we all got to start somewhere.

more appealing than myself:

despite my animal magnetism, savoir faire & cunning charm, she remained faithful only to the electronic pulses emanating from the device.

(pertains to both frame right & below)

 the kind of things you'd see in the parking lot of Grateful Dead shows, and then I suppose, Phish shows, once that migration happened.

Disclaimer:  this device, of African origin according to Jun there, is quite tricky and not at all easy to get the rhythm down, esp. getting two hands going at once. Not saying that I, in a hat of any color, could do any better.

Jun, a cool cat & artisan of the street, teaching a random foreigner how to work clacking hippie-balls.

the blue-behatted gentleman was not a particularly deft nor quick learner, and almost took out an eye


Bustled over to this seat as people disembarked; now well-suited for two-fisted cosmetology.

above: free warabi mochi samples in kyoto station.  right: a small shrine where I stop and have a beer on the way home, and reflect on the days and hours of my life, past and yet to come.


Basically, a good rule of Life, don't do things in public you wouldn't want your grandma to see you doing. That's why you feel uncomfortable.

crunchy colorful delicious Kyoto pickles tsukemono...free samples, Kyoto Stn. Root vegetables such as turnips & radishes, chinese cabbage, cucumbers, slim Japanese eggplant.


Praying that I stop taking photos of her booty, Rokkaku-do, the "navel of Kyoto". Rokkaku translates to Hexagonal, which is the shape of this venerable temple.

A reader writes:
Hang in there.

Looks like you've been there too long.  Only put in 4 years full time myself.  Now it's only part time which is much more doable except for the flights.  Now I'm back;  20 miles from Dubuque.


On the contrary...I have only just begun to fight!  Thanks for stopping by and please continue to do so.  Hope you enjoy things here more...

Hey, cute iPod girl.  Want to play with my hippie balls?

Jun solicits another student.


You can do it, child.  Just take them like this...trust me, here.  I'm a pro.

Jun with the nurturing touch. The assurance of the patient Master.

never bet a man at his own game

keeping stoked the flame for print.

these macho guys & their girls macho couples were looking all points of the compass...I probably could have helped them but sometimes I just don't feel like engaging.

?? ? ?? ??

??  ??? ??  ?  

hey!  I can do this!



Yaezakura, double-flowered cherry blossoms, the last of the season and quite stunning. Like packets of short-stemmed baby carnations.(Technically, cherry blossoms containing more than 5 petals per.)

refresh my memory...what exactly did people do before phones?


arrogant self-absorbed maladjusted sociopaths choking the 405, five lanes thick.  only moral compass is that dictated by the fast lane.

File Under: Why I Left Los Angeles, part 7.

i must create a system or be enslaved by another man's.

---Wm. Blake


Pull in about 72 cents a day; so in months that have 31 days we're about breaking even.

Repeated (and heartfelt) requests for this group to give us anywhere near that kind of money have gone unanswered.


hard-slaving cook & proprietor of the small sumibiyaki charcoal-grill shop, woefully disinterested in my boy's iPhone phetish.

We Cut Heads.

a little unpaid OT at the local hair salon.  some after-the-job on-the-job training, as it were. 

(shot through the salon window at about 9:30 p.m., wednesday eve.)



fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 


ready for action, jackson!

so often times it happens

that we live our lives in chains

and we never even know we have the key.

Blessing the rice fields 2010

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