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smart sexy  fun  japan   Lived on the Inside. Seen from the Outside.™      



happy schoolgirls...strongly backlit

art students...on the move.




coming & going


the bosozoku homemade muffler

a much better use for that shitty awful canned coffee...

I found that many of the people I wrote about had very strong appetites and a great taste and desire for food, and most of them were looking forward to having a drink.

--Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast.  Written from about 1957-1960 concerning events in his life abroad from 1921-1926.

(The more things change, the more they...)


a cocktail of Heering cherry liqueur, shochu & soda...in honor of the (now mainly fallen) sakura.

(...with a blossom that the Art Dept placed to look as though it had fallen fortuitously in.)

I guess I should tell you I was looking forward to having this, but Hemingway already told you.

"I just don't dig on swine, that's all."




File Under: A Rittle Rost in Transration


a bowl of tiny oat rectums



(old habits die hard.  Cheerios from COSTCO in Kobe)


(^ . ^)

I spent 10 years in a place I disliked for 9 of them; for that I will never forgive myself.  But I learned some hard facts about myself and came up against my many weaknesses there.


tools of the trade...and then some.

wear our ignorance on your sleeve...and chest...and back.

japandemic T-shirts

(a couple prototypes now available depending on your size and liking gray)


I told this guy he looked like Ichiro and that I bet it helped him pull chicks.  

No he doesn't and no it didn't, lied he.


You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.

---Warren buffett


flier handout guy...a study in opposites.  composed, yet ready to to pounce. taking in the scene, spotting his mark.
showing a little of the hustle & flash that makes him one of the best...


back to ready position...taking in the scene, spotting his mark.  wondering why the f-ck at all I find him interesting.
  (x .  x)
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these two, the whole fucking train ride to osaka

but maybe i'm crazy maybe you're crazy maybe we're crazy...probably 


a japandemic souvenir recommenation: the tatami coaster.  

very japanesey, cheap, light, easy to pack & won't break in transit.


unfortunately for all concerned when she turned around she showed herself to be about 100 years old.

you feel just a little bit dirty or oily now don't you.  I did.

mutton dressed as lamb in rabbit.

smile honey...you'd be cute.


Above:  The Shot Not Taken...Luckily.

I saw this guy (drawn from memory but so lifelike I had to bar out his eyes), your basic quasi-sketchy hipster arty street youth, carrying a too-cute fluffy bag with bear/dog face in plush. Like the kawaii! stuffed animal backpacks the young kawaii! girls sometimes sport. Even for Amemura, incongruous w/ the heavy black leather monkey boots.

As I struggled to get the camera out and pop some shots a taxi careens towards me onto the sidewalk, my side, with a meaty arm waving out the back window over the roof to bearbag boy on the other side.  He scampers over to the taxi and hands inside to the meaty arm-waver the fluffy bearbag.  By now I have my camera out but also my wits about me; the taxi speeds back up--having never fully stopped--and  the guy in the taxi starts pulling envelopes of cash, each with figures computations and numbers scratched out on them, from the cute bear's head.

Like a vig drop in The Sopranos or Insert Mafia Movie of Choice Here. In this area it could be pachinko take, salon earnings, protection money, other sundry things of which I know nought.

So I'm watching this scroll out--so close I could have shot macro--and asking no questions and the guy counting the dough had no concerns about whitey slinging the camera seeing his business. Think he may have taken an interest had I put the D40 up to my face and started snapping shots.  Discretion being the better part of valor and long-life, I just let it all ride.

Osaka, baby, Osaka.





In an effort to weave an ever richer tapestry here, I am going to start including links to other good sites as I come across them or as they make sense, rather than just adding names to our nascent Links page.

This cute girl was a fashion model of some sort and is now behind the lens, taking cool street shots at Style From Tokyo.

She was featured recently in a be on Saturday spread in the Asahi Shimbun Newspaper.


Even the looters are cuter.




about the smallest bra cups to be seen in manga.

File Under: No Complaints Here.


fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigato!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you!







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