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 "Focus! Schmuck!!!"

Bellowed out from the backish rows of a movie theater in Scarsdale, NY, by an older woman, directed at the sloppy projectionist.  I catch this popping into my head at times of great fecklessness.


Informed sources tell me she is Geiko Fukuhina of Miyagawa Cho.

p.s.  this player gripping the Asahi oozed pimp (in a good way).


9/11 Political Sidebar

As an American abroad and citizen of the world, I'd like to thank those of you who opted not to burn the Quran (Koran/Qu'rahn sp?!??) this past weekend.  Appreciated.

Election Update:


Anybody foolish enough to be doing this in a typhoon is probably not smart enough to be running my country. 



(    (( (O . o) ))  )


(plus, I'm entranced by the frozen glaze of that Happiness Party okusan.)

Wonder what them girls is talking about...

An excited reader writes:

STILLLLLLL the best, by far !!

Glad you keep it going. Should be a book one day--in paper, too!
There is more in your site than in all the others. More of the real feeling of the place. The pictures are worth a thousand words.........hell, even the words are worth a few hundred!

Your only real competition remains the girls on uniqlock.......but you can co-exist with the divine.....

IHope your stuff appears sometime in book form. I'd buy it. Wouldn't mind more pics--and text--in the meantime.

Best wishes for more............Ang

Angus:  Thanks for the letters (they will make it onto the Reader Love Mail page soon) and the enthusiastic support...Great!  I didn't want to be the first to say it, but I also think japandemic would make an excellent book.  At the very least, folks who don't have a laptop could still read it in the john, for example.

$mart publisher$ $eeking ready-built audience only need apply.



Buddha...walk with us.


me rove the peking duck


Geiko Fukuhina and Maiko Fukuho of Miyagawa Cho.

Gion Matsuri 2010

looking good baby doll...

friends helping friends with some on-the-spot hair repair. (must have portaged that big can of spray in from the suburbs up a yukata sleeve or something.)

Gion Matsuri 2010

(^ . ^)

I don't want to trade too many more hours for dollars.

Whale meat...it's what's for dinner. Here presented as sashimi of fine slices of meat alternated with those of fatty blubber.  Friends tell me this is delicious, btw.

(Platter comes with 2 free passes to weekday matinee screening of The Cove.)

The Picture Menu:  not just for foreigners.

An older Japanese couple scrutinizes the night's offerings...having already opted out of the Whale Platter.

I have eaten whale meat once.  It was served as tatsutaage (cubed, marinated in shoyu & deep fried) as the main dish at an elementary school lunch.  Taste was mediocre, like some semi-tender game meat.  Felt it was a waste of a beautiful animal to make fried meat chunks for 9-year olds.
  (x .  x)
 I bet if it weren't for that big bike these guys would have blended in nicely.

Gion Matsuri, Shijo. 2010





...and there will be a test.

me chop the peking duck... 

he kept saying things like "I'm so tired because I'm making a movie."

"I have to go meet people because I'm making a movie."

"I can't do anything right now because I'm making a movie." 

So, I don't know, I guess he's making a movie.



Out, damn'd spot!  out, I say!

Open and unsolicited letter to Nikon:

WTF were you people thinking discontinuing this camera!?

This split-swivel series is a zenith of technological achievement.  Throw in a few more megapix for the punters and Sales, enlarge the LCD screen and get the next Rev. to market already!

beautiful free photo cards for occasions:

f 'em

Well after the Apocalypse this fcking Panasonic combination oven will still be beeping.

(Any of you that have any sort of Japanese kitchen appliance will know exactly what I mean.)


J-girl party chix

Gion Matsuri 2010

doyou no ushi no hi

don't neglect to eat your eel!

...to replenish your stamina sapped in the brutal swelter of the 6 months of Japanese summer.




Part of an exercise in teaching a task, step-by-step, in English.  A student from Osaka lays out takoyaki, octopus chunk dumplings translated as (tee-hee) Octopus Balls.

Phone number mnemonic device, Japanese style. (Japanese for, like, 1-800-EAT-SHIT)

1 4 reads ii yo, meaning good.

6 4 8 = mu shi ba, meaning cavities.

0 = ze ro, meaning zero.

This is an ad w/ phone number for a dentist who feels it's good to have no cavities!

wait in vain in the rain for the train...once again.


the amazing suck of contemporary public-space design.


a mall food court in suburban kyoto, japan.

I've been sitting here, trying to find myself, I get behind myself, I need to rewind myself.

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou gozaimashita.

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 

wt f-ng f!? this is no good.  

 ph: salariman briefcase door/flippd

I used the Flip command cuz I needed to turn this guy around and see his face.  He had a great surly late-for-an-ass-chewing look you just had to see.


hurry up!  door's closing!

my dinner. sashimi / tempura / soba course.  about $15USD at the place w/ picture menu & whale meat platter...just off the mall atrium of despair pictured above.


Life imitating Art.


make a wish.

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