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wild  sexy  fun  japan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


"Really!?!...you blog!?  OMG, that is so sexy!"


Yes, ladies, it's true...japandemic now brogs!

To a business card already crowded to bursting with "Shirker, Writer, Scholar, Misser-of-Opportunities, Bon Vivant, Genius, Goldbricker, Quasi-Grammarian, Snapshotter, Timewaster, Flake, Poetaster, Dilettante, Little White Liar, Slow Learner, Rakehell, Around-the-Bush-Beater, Mid-Functioning Alcoholic, Skirt-Chaser", I now add "Blogger".

Look for the cad on the train clicking away on his little netbook...or the cat asking the girl at Starbuck's if she needs any help with that English homework of hers.

(Wish Me Ruck!)

(Writing so nice, I used it twice...you'll see.)

Packs of foreigners hassling the snow monkeys (Japanese macaques) as they try to relax in the open air hot spring.  These little guys are cute! (monkeys, not foreigners) and scrappy (some foreigners this applies).

I'll use this blog component to give some BG on certain photos, stories, events and so on.  Or highlight some of the items that have generated interest.  (Like maybe show some more on the snow monkey extravaganza)  Also a flexible way to provide more useful information about places to go, things to do (and not)...getting more and more of those type requests.

Mostly, I'd like that user-friendly WP blog format * to be a way to let readers, who I am getting know, get to know and interact with each other, and post comments.  Dig in!

(* Dickens, of Chapter the First fame, got paid by the word; I get paid by the link.  So please excuse the bad form of like 29 links all to the same sparse blog packed into about 30 seconds of your time.)

2 girls, one munching on takenoko choco-covered bamboo shoot cookies*, both thinking about something pithy they just read on the japandemic blog.  (This shot from my nascent People Close Across From Me photo essay.)

* (it really is a different place over here)

Did I mention I blog?    (O _<)   (please come back from this one...some day)











(blank note-jotting space provided free of charge courtesy japandemicUser assumes all risks and responsibilities for dreams dashed, unrequited requests, failed ambitions and pain associated with never getting this girl's name or number.)


invasion of your privacy...you damn'd dirty apes.

I would like to exist in the negative space directly above.

(but the time for Christmas Wishes is well past, and one must move on)

We are getting more requests lately for information about Osaka...a great, lively and wild city.  The main action happens off the Midosuji Subway Line; try getting off at Shinsaibashi and walking along the main street to Namba, the next station and den of iniquity.  In a good way.  Always lots going on all around.

japandemic, in a karmic-repair attempt to be of more benefit to  some small segment of humanity, will be composing and posting more travel suggestions...what to do (and not do), where to go, stay, and so on.

stay tuned, and keep sending in your requests.

Osaka anyone!?!  Try: osakinsider


Look at the monkey poop! Take a picture of the monkey poop!  Quick, someone point at the monkey poop!

  Turn back!

Nothing more to see here for now, just some half-assed WIP.  Time would be better spent clicking the surprise link up above and checking out the nice...

Zen Buddhist monks wait, patiently, for their train.

Scene from a Morality Play:

Sc. 1.  Boy pedals bike past Hospital bus stop on way to work.  The benches are filled with very old people, most of whom look sick, all of whom look worried.

Sc. 2  Boy leaving work, back on bike,  pedaling back towards same way he came.  See he is heading back in front of benches at Hospital bus stop...but attention jerked away by thin nurse walking out of bldg and heading across opposite side of park lot.  Boy stutters, strains, finally veers off course to get a closer look at the nurse. In his head he is hearing:

"Stay on track.  Stay on track."

but he ignores this and goes more towards the nurse and hence away from the hospital bus stop.  The nurse gets into a car driven by a man, and as he looks over he notices that the bus stop bench this time is empty, save for 3 nursing students, looking in his general direction and giggling a bit.*

Had he stayed on the original track he'd have passed right in front of the bench, naturally...there is just the one bricked path to ride/walk on, and had close immediate natural contact with the 3 lovelies...

Moral:  Listen to The Voice Within. It Knows.

*as an American guy told me not long after I get to Japan, if you are around, and some Japanese girls are giggling, it is at/with/for/because of /has something to do with...you

"14:30!?  You sound like a fag." 

Yes, my American friends back home cant get their non-metric system learning head around the 24 hour clock.  military time.  but it is so much more clear than the a.m. / p.m. "at night or morning?" qualification system.

Apart from our quasi-godlike (small 'g', but still) status here, the best aspect of being a gaijin in Japan is that there are two systems for everything.  You can choose the superior one and use that.

look  "K-chan is a cool girl.  She has opinions, she wants to know what I think about things.  She'll call and tell me about something she did or saw and that she wants to talk about it next time we meet.  She plans ahead...she's the kind of chick I'd hang out with even if she weren't screwing me."

Girls may or may not now that this is about the highest compliment many a guy can pay them.



manga mania!!!


be a lamp unto thyself


mono no aware...remember?

i fucking hate judgmental people.


She then bowed deeply once to each of the 4 corners of the train car, 4 slow full elegant pretty bows, saying not one word to one person, and sat down in a nearby fold-down auxiliary seat.


"That is One Crazy Site You've Got There!"


Lived on the Inside.  Seen from the Outside.

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  doumo arigatou!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 





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