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smartsexycooljapan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.


Normal day...let me be aware of the treasure you are.

...because it can go fast.




After Shock  Traumatic Shock  Shock Shock...

Just starting to seep in...

good bye...good bye...good bye...good bye...good bye...good bye

Click this chilling bit of brilliance from the NYTimes and sweep a patch of humanity from the face of the globe.

"Are you OK?"

Been getting and giving a lot of this...so, Thank You!, yes, we are OK here.  As in WWII Kyoto was mercifully spared destruction. It remains to be seen what the fates have in store for tens hundreds of thousands of others...

pray      hope      give      help


People waiting in line (n.b., not cutting in line or looting in line) for water, maybe a rice ball.  (For balance, watch the security camera footage from any Wal+Mart on any Black Friday.)  Enjoy.

A school sports field, Sendai, Japan.            Photo: Kyodo/Reuters

The one-man rescue team.

Remains of the Dinner:  mildly irradiated piranha.


I jest...not that we ate it, we did.  Not that it's irradiated, it is.  That it's piranha, it isn't. It is Tai, an excellent fish translated mainly as Sea Bream and sometimes as Snapper (which is the more fun to say.) 

I'm not 100% clear on the science behind it, but they tell me it's kind of like a microwave oven underwater microwave oven.

Today's Lesson (03/15/2010):  Timely English Buzzwords!

jet stream,  millisieverts (sp?),  re-entry visa, iodine cocktails, go outside (don't), breathe (don't), 

Review of Last Week's Lesson (03/08/2010):

Winning!, tiger blood, warlock, duh, $2 million, goddesses, Korner w/ a 'K'

You know how I know you're an alcoholic?


Because you drank this.

(You know how I know you can still be saved?

Because they gave it to you free at the store and you didn't pay cash money for it.)

This guy is now more sought after than a 10 kg sack of millet rice.

A young single handsome American gentleman...the shine of whose gallantry reflects off all my people here in Japan and makes us nobler for it.

...squired village waifs enroute

...then he got some Liberating American Hero love.

And now he's on TV.  This gent is going to have a steady stream of young maidens and moms queuing up for 'Language Exchange' and 'Private Lessons'...

Aside from showing themselves to be petty, negative and small-hearted...they are also ignorant...Huff Post don't know.

pray for them, the people like this. 

a personal note: some elderly relatives for generations had homes in Sendai and are now homeless in Sendai.

Good News:  recently they somehow made contact and are alive.

Bad News:  Both their homes washed away.  Last I heard, unable to be reached, surviving on wits, camaraderie, burning what used to be headboards, banisters, for granted.

The crane of the neck, the isolation, the confusion...the sticks.  Where have I seen that look before???  (May the right ones be reached.)

(0 . 0) Displaced, distressed and distraught Japanese earthquake survivors wait in line for hours for basic necessities.

...this place is still safer and more civilized than any given Wednesday in Baltimore, Rochester, Chuck E. Cheese.


run, piggy, run.

(>...<) (+_+)
...and then came the snow.

run and hide  stay safe stay warm  be good stay alive
 This will work:

Here's a fun game:  make a list of all the things in your home that will work once they cut the power.  This may not take a big sheet of paper.

Mine:  The two-ring gas burner seen above; my acoustic guitar; all my Mitsubishi 2B pencils.

buy more bullets

(one less thing to have to do in a Japanese emergency.)

And the ship sails on...

Fukushima LEVEL 6! (...and America settles for Bronze.)

too beautiful to blow my nose on...

so I just walk around snuffling all day.

Hmm...what's on tap today???

Fresh handmade Hokkaido cakes; bunnies!!!; sale-price adidas; cute women with beauty implements; Nuke disastrophe!!! (clockwise from top left)

The inserts and front page of the Asahi Shimbun, morning edition, March 17, 2011.


 Lived on the Inside.

   Seen from the Outside.


(Far right...and far out!)

A 38 y.o. Canadian English teacher provides aid and comfort to a 20 y.o. Japanese national in her time of need.

Catastrophe!?!  What catastrophe? (except maybe for this girl's mom.)


new  (*...*)  game

 E la nave va. 

Italian for "And the ship sails on", which I have already used once on this page.

ph: fender palomino

sneak out of my lead containment shelter for a little playing in the nearby park. lovely day today, all things considered.

Kyoto Kaiseki traditional fine small-dish dining.



  I know you know they look like fish...

ph: funazushi pie duo

but did you know they taste like fish?

pray your way


"...sitting in absolute solitude...drinking glass after glass of vodka, understanding more and more about himself."

--M. Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

big and bland and blond.

you know the type.  about 15% overweight, semi-nude photos somewhere in cyberspace.



fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!

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Buddha of the Bad Times Ahead...

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