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smartsexycooljapan what the other guys won't show you...in bite-size bits, like sushi.

Geisha, Get Your Gun!

Mmm, yes.  Geisha & Guns.  Just when you were thinking things couldn't get any better.  Gion Matsuri.  A massive annual street festival...for about the last 1040 years.  Get Some!!!

barista/living doll/sweetheart

drawing a nice bead on the old lady.

how much is that girlie in the window???

still waters, running deep.

Aw, fck me! but we're still here.


Viewers may have noticed a Rapture-sized gap in programming of late as we readied ourselves to be Raptured the fck away from here / from all our earthly problems. Well that didn't pan out now did it.

So let's continue to muddle along, trying to find Heaven here on Earth, or at least our own little patches of it.

*(Also may need to address whispers of some pretty unplanned & freestyle English lessons being reported around town these past few days.)


Earning  Heaven


Keeping Clean This Side of Paradise...


The Back Door (aka the Service Entrance)

Japan is very much a group effort...as the world witnesses in the aftermath of the deathquake and tsunami.  What you see is not some special emergency mode, but just the way the country functions.  

In the above sequence an elderly couple maintains the grounds of the local shrine, at which I stop by for a beer and a meditation on my way home.

Thanks you two!  Cheers! and Kampai!

May your service get you both to Heaven a touch sooner.


 Lived on the Inside.

   Seen from the Outside.


wow...that's bright.


bling of salariman.


Horde of Japanese teens, just moments before the Urban Weekend, Kyoto melee broke out.

Coca-Cola!?!  fck that shit!

Green Tea, dawg!


admire his complete and total commitment to getting a bit of shuteye on the afternoon train.

Ice Ice, Baby.  

...stay cool, y'all.

(fresh cukes on ice at a groovy vegetable grill half-outdoor restaurant in an alley in Kyoto.)


insanity = doing the same thing, expecting different results.

Generally, I don't much go in for Classical music...





File Under: University of Women


It's excellent that they are so cute; it about makes up for attention spans approaching Planck time.

Your beliefs do not have to be accurate, they only have to be useful.
"...their one privacy, the night."

>>> Focus <<<


never bet a man at his own game





i must create a system or be enslaved by another man's.

---Wm. Blake (known Pron addict)

 PRON  (Can anyone out there help this guy???)

A reader writes:

"Wanna be in An Adult Industry


I am a 30 years old black guy. Very good looking. I am currently living in Osaka. I am wriiting to enquirer how I can get a job in an Adult industry. (PORN). Will be looking forward to hear from you. Thank you."


Many an average Gai has toyed with the idea of making, 'acting' in, producing or somehow getting attached to the world of JaPorn.  For the obvious reason that you get all these shockingly cute girls to do all sorts of shockingly good things to/with you. And the money probably be$t$ teaching English.

Additionally, it would be good for my fairly lacking street cred to commingle with a few mates in the Industry of Pron...but I have to admit I have no contacts in the biz, and only know what I see (for example at HeyDouga!).  Anyone???  Anything???

(Although my guess is that if I were a "very good looking" black / white / pink / any gai guy...wouldn't really need the PRON for the social aspects.)

ph: Antique Looking Fan

...and it is.

(naming conventions can be very direct and perfunctory around here.

fellow readers: if you like this site please spread the word like human manure over an Edo Period rice field.  thanks.  doumo arigatou gozaimasu!!!

posting a link to this site also much appreciated and good karma for you. 

don't make me bust my Kitty Chans off in your ass...


hazy shades of summer...

Kitty Chan. The Opera.


for 15 minutes.


becomes eve

yields to night


and Death.

for a closer look...at what there is.

(the rooftop observatory, for your Ph.D in Cosmopimpology)

Vague, imperfect imitations and simulations.  But it's what we've got.  And it's still pretty good.

so often times it happens

that we live our lives in chains

and we never even know we have the key.


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